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Are you uncomfortable with group lessons?

Is your schedule is too restrictive?

Do you want to have lessons made for your specific needs ?

Nathalie Gin Di Mario
38000 Grenoble

​SIRET 827 966 471 00013

Whether you are a beginner or already practicing, I offer tailor-made sessions to support you in your practice, to learn to adjust your posture, relax your body and sooth your mind.


Yoga practice is for everyone. Whether you are flexible or stiff. It is also indicated in case of physical or mental health problems, and helps to relieve symptoms. It can very well be practiced during pregnancy.


Sessions can take the form of a classic course,  of a workshop on a specific theme or a discussion space on special points to help you develop or deepen your practice.


We use props (blocks, bolster, straps, etc.) to help the body take postures in a safe way. We recommend you to get your own equipment. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this.


I offer individual or small group sessions (couples, friends, etc., up to 3 or 4 people). The usual duration of a session is 1 hour. It is possible to increase this duration according to your needs (1h30, 2h).


Lessons can be done at your home, at your work, online , or at my place. At your convenience.


Note: Private lessons at home are deductible from your taxes at 50%! Inquire!






2021 Prices

One-on-one sessions

Benefit from personalized instruction tailored to your needs


Small group sessions (4 people max)

small group teaching, built according to your needs, choose who you want to share it with (couple, friends, family, etc.) and get a preferential and a lower rate per person.

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