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BKS Iyengar (born December 14, 1918 - died August 20, 2018) was introduced to yoga to overcome serious health issues. He has taken advantage of this science to develop a methodology adapted to modern man.For several decades, he has traveled to five continents and his teaching has spread widely . He is the author of numerous books on yoga considered to be references (see bibliography below).

The methodology developed by BKS Iyengar is characterized by a precise knowledge of the body and the alignments, the sequence of postures, and the joint attention of the body, the breathing and mind in each posture. His teaching helps to develop a better physical, emotional and mental


BKS Iyengar was also the first to use supports (bricks, straps, chair etc) for help the body, especially in the case of sometimes severe pathologies The

practice of yoga helps to develop :

- better concentration, internalization and stability of mental strength

- better health physical and psychological, harmony, agility and power

- openness to others and the world, and raises ethical awareness, sharpens intelligence, instills tolerance and benevolence.

RIMYI in India is today hui directed by his son and granddaughter. They pursue the transmission of yoga for a harmony of body and mind.

​Link of the French Iyengar Yoga Association : www.afyi.fr