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Are you a company, a local authority or an association?
Are you concerned about improving the Working Life Quality of your employees?
Are you looking for a unique activity for your seminars?

Nathalie Gin Di Mario
38000 Grenoble

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Whether you are a private company, a local authority or an association, yoga in a professional environment has established itself for several years and the possibilities are ​numerous.


For instance it can enter your Quality of Working Life program to prevent Psycho-Social Risks, support the reduction of stress and risks of burnout.


It can also be part of the activities offered by your Work Concil, or any Sports Association of your company.


Finally, it can be used as a special activity for one-shot events, such as seminars, or to team-buildings.


Yoga allows you to offer a diversity of intervention and the sessions can take different forms: gentle gymnastics, body opening, work on a functional posture (especially to prevent Musculoskeletal Disorders), relaxation, meditation on breath (especially for better concentration). They can also take form of more physically demanding sessions if the need arises.


After several years combining employed work and teaching yoga, I understand the challenges of professional world and its needs. I therefore offer sessions adapted to the professional context.

I adapt to your constraints of duration, location, space, etc.





Prices on estimate


You would benefit from custom-made sessions according to your constraints and your needs, in your premises. Up to 15 people.

The practice of yoga does not necessarily require showers or large equipment.

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